Working Group 5 : Risks, threats and conflicts of use

This Working Group is coordinated and conducted by the Regional Council of Reunion Island, the Prefecture of the Region of Réunion and the University of La Réunion.


  • Anticipation of risks and threats on sustainability (ecosystem-society interactions) and conflicts of use between different activities
  • Identification of priority areas for economic development and ecosystem protection
  • Propositions of multy-activity related spatial zoning with territorial and resources management stakeholders
  • Negotiations in a sustainable way of economic development strategies for coastal and marine areas


  • Geographical Information System / Infrastructure of Spatial Data
  • Spatial analysis
  • Surveys of public policy makers, sea users and scientists
  • Workshops
  • Use of a collaborative, maritime spatial zoning tool (SeaSketch)


  • Study on the interactions between different activities through maritime environment, evaluating the possibilities of risks and conflicts of use
  • Inventory on the intervention possibilities and procedures against risks and threats on marine and coastal environment
  • Establishment of a strategy for attribution of new exploitation zones and pilot sites (renewable energies…)
  • Application of a sustainable and efficient monitoring system on natural risks (synergies with the RENOVRISK project)