Working Group 4 : Legal and societal environment

This Working Group is coordinated and conducted by the Regional Council of Reunion Island, the Prefecture of the Region of Réunion and the University of La Réunion.

 Legal and geopolitical issues


  • Inventory and analyse of international governance and partnership agreements , and their impacts on the regional and local economies
  • Analyse of the impact of different geopolitical events (ex. BREXIT) on local economies, societies, local and regional ecosystems



  • Comparative study on national, international and european legal framework, and blue-economy related public policies identifying legal constraints, legal differences and legal gaps



  • Cross sectoral study on the legal environment examining in particular the legal constraints and gaps
  • Improvement of the understanding of geopolitical context, its evolution and possible options
  • Proposition of short- mid- and longterm scenario for economic development taking into consideration of the legal environment

Societal issues :


  • Identification of emerging professions and training needs in order to reduce unemployment rate
  • Identification of basic, vocational and superior training opportunities



  • Establishment of an inventory on professional offers, training needs and facilities
  • Identification of future training needs toether with the economic stakeholders
  • Evaluation of labour market absorption capacities
  • Prospecting workshops and networking with the participation of economic stakeholders, and representatives of education and training institutions
  • Description of sea-related future professions and training possibilities



  • A strategic training and education plan to respond to future needs of blue economy in La Réunion and in the Indian Ocean Area (mobility)
  • Reduction of unemployment rate
  • Better insertion rate of young people to the labour market