Working Group 3: Research and innovation

This Working Group is coordinated and conducted by the Prefecture of the Region Réunion and the University of La Réunion.



  • Share of expertise, know-how and scientific data related to the sea (through interoperable data sharing infrastructures)
  • Increase of citizens’ and policy makers’ awareness to maritime development challenges
  • Enhancement of local and regional links between science-society, and research- engineering-economy
  • Development of interdisciplinary approaches
  • Identification of innovative technologies with high development potential
  • Exploring future uses of maritime resources (fish stocks, mining resources, resources for biotechnological or other use, renewable energies…)
  • Evaluation of the potential of circular economy in the maritime environment



  • Business and technological intelligence
  • Connection with a maritime think-tank (Cluster Mer)
  • Economical feasibility studies
  • Surveys of public policy makers, sea users and scientists
  • Workshops
  • Geographical Information System / Infrastructure of Spatial Data



  • Identification of new observation methods of marine environment
  • Launching fundamental and applied research initiatives
  • Identification of threats, risks and conflicts of use under WP 5