Working Group 2 : Sustainable Development of Blue Economy

This Working Group is coordinated and conducted by the Regional Council of Reunion Island.


  • Development of the fishing sector (sustainable management of fishing resources)
  • Development of the aquaculture industry (research, site upgrade and related activities)
  • Touristic development (management of nautical activities and shark risk, ecotourism)
  • Development of maritime connectivity (maritime trafic, cruising activities, harbour facilities, naval construction industry, digital connectivity)



  • Geographical Information System / Infrastructure of Spatial Data
  • Integration of spatial tracking data
  • Collection and analyse of remote sensing data
  • Exploitation of economic data
  • Surveys of public policy makers and « sea users »
  • Inventory, mapping ans spatial analysis of human activities on the sea
  • Applied prospective analysis of human activities at sea



  • Inventory of actual and future users of the sea and the coastal zone
  • Analyse of the existing economic infrastructure, actual capacities, needs and opportunities of improvement
  • Analyse of human and economic potential in order to improve economic efficiency of traditional and emerging activities
  • Identification of suitable sites for emerging activities
  • Enhancement of pilot projects
  • Identification of threats, risks and conflicts of use under WP 5