Working Group 1 : Biodiversity – Ecosysteme – Energy

This Working Group is coordinated and conducted by the Indian ocean Commission.


  • Establishing a spatial solution for ecosystems
  • Establishing a spatial distribution of selected species (life cycles)
  • Evaluation of associated services to marine ecosystems
  • Identification and exploitation of renewable marine energies
  • Anticipation of the impact of climate change
  • Identification of development potentials



  • Geographical Information System / Infrastructure of Spatial Data
  • Integration of spatial tracking data
  • Collection and analyse of fishery statistics
  • Collection and analyse of remote sensing data
  • Exploitation of existing databases at Réunion and in the Indian Ocean Commission
  • Economic analysis
  • Spatial modelling
  • Prospective analysis



  • A scientific and efficient measuring device of the potentials of a sustainable economic development integrating marine ecosystem services
  • Identification of complementary priority areas for the preservation of coastal and marine biodiversity
  • Identification of potential areas for emerging activities (renewable energies, mining resources…)
  • Identification of threats, risks and conflicts of use under WP 5